Software Architect

  • EmseQ

    Cloud management based cross platform queue management system.

  • FanOkey

    Platform independent online okey game with HTML5 and Javascript infrastructure.

  • 3Harf

    The 2nd largest interactive dictionary app of the time.

  • ReadyCity

    Remote electronic meter reading and managing software.

  • LiveGate

    Remote to remote voice and video call software.

  • BelgeArsiv

    Web based electronic document management system.

  • Havalimanı Transfer
    Airport Transfer

    Based on the departure and landing hours of the airplanes, the staff takes their time and navigation plan to leave their homes and leave them to their homes. The personnel selection automation and overtime calculation for domestic flights are also included in the system.

  • Web Test Engine
    Web Test Engine

    One-touch testing and reporting engine for web-based projects.

  • Self CheckIn
    Self CheckIn

    The CUSS compliant self service checkin app designed to work on Kiosk.

  • Self Bagdrop
    Self Bagdrop

    It is the kiosk to complete the check-in and unpacking of passengers without going to the counter.


    Analysis of national and international publications (terrestrial and satellite) and digitalization.