Software Architect

Who am I as a professional?

In line with my professional life and experience, I had the opportunity to work with different people, to be involved in more than one team, to produce together and to solve crises as a team. So far I have had the opportunity to work in 8 international companies.
I managed the software team consisting of 55 engineers. I'v led 7 projects at the same time.

As a manager automation production and crisis management are my areas of expertise.
As a developer from target audience to ergonomic usage rules is my specialty.

I am passionate about solving problems and developing products in order to make people's lives easier. I am digging devices with my own softwares. Believe me, you have used the hardware that I have developed software for it.

Are you bored with common miscible commas?
There are dozens of parenthesis that you find unnecessary? Let's discuss these issues...